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I think robots that have vision and manipulation as good as humans is a huge milestone that will happen in the next decade and is being underestimated.

– Bill Gates, Reddit AMA, 2016

I think grasping is going to be a solved problem in the next 10 years. It’s turned out to be an incredibly difficult problem, probably in part because we’re starting to solve it with machine vision, so (that means) machine vision did have to come first.

– Jeff Bezos, Amazon re : MARS, 2019
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“ Moonshots require strong foundations, solid partnerships, and a high-performing team. Also, some persistence & hard work ”

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Enabling robots to see, understand and learn
to grasp and manipulate any object even from clutter!

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Our Robotic Vision System


Adaptive & Coordinated Acquisition

See to manipulate, manipulate to see

Vision for object manipulation requires dynamic image acquisition hardware, with the ability to focus, refocus, pan, zoom, move around in real-time, and adaptively acquire at high speeds.

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Multi-Dimensional Perception

Not 2D, not 3D, we see a lot more!

Static 2D color images and 3D depth maps alone are insufficient inputs for neural networks to model the complexities of objects. Our imaging pathway acquires and constructs more than 7 fundamental dimensions of information, dramatically reducing the quantum of data for learning.

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