Design and System Engineer – Mechanical

4 weeks ago

Design and System Engineer – Mechanical


This role is shaped to aid every Mechanical System Design need across the organization. This opening can be split into multiple roles based on the combination of skillsets available.

Compensation :

Minimum – ₹ 8,00,000 per annum

Maximum – will be based on number of skillset requirements/evaluation critera met.

Requirements in Practice:

  • Excellent with Mechanical Systems & Industrial Design.
  • Excellent with 3D geometry understanding, Imagining and Visualizing maths (Applied Mathematics) and Kinematics.
  • Hands on with Machines, tools, assemblies, and Manufacturing processes.
  • Excellent Modular and Scalable design thinking (manufacturability, upgradability, serviceability and replaceability – different from Jugaad Thinking)
  • Excellent with Manufacturing processes (reductive, additive, etc), Assembly line Design
  • Strong Standard Component Ecosystem Mapping/Knowledge.
  • Adept CAD Drafting skills and 3D Modelling tools
  • Adept with translating and optimizing algorithms.
  • Adept with fundamental electronics, controllers, and communication.
  • Must have performed and understood the nuances of Product design, System Design and Integration.
  • Must have a strong inclination for documentation.

Must have Understanding of :

  • Material Forming, Fabrication, Machining, Machining Ecosystem and Machine tools – especially their limitations.
  • PUMA articulate Arm Kinematics – forward and inverse.
  • Mechanical design principles (All physical Systems to be controlled are MECHANICAL systems too -electro-mechanical, etc)
  • Excellent with Strength of Materials, FEM and Material Knowledge.
  • Manufacturing Process design
  • Motion Control & Motion Systems – electric motors.
  • Difference between prototypes, projects and products (internet replications and system integration thought process vs product design)
  • Application design and System Integration

Good to have Experience and Practice with 

  • Complete system design, fabrication and Integration.
  • Robot Integration, Robotics design
  • Coding – Any one language at least.

Good to have Tool Experience with:

  • Robotic Arm Programming
  • Multiphysics/FEM tools


The Evaluation is designed diligently to emulate and reflect the day-to-day tasks that the candidate would undergo. The evaluation is shaped to be entirely exploratory and does not evoke or have any pre-meditated right answer. Yet, this is an objective evaluation which strives to objectively analyse the method of thinking & approach, and not just the result.

Team Structure:

There will be 4 single/two member teams to start with –Algo Team, SW & GPU Dev Team, HW design & Control Team.

Members of other teams will be passive members of each team apart from the team they lead

The Algo Team will provide the DNN & Vision algorithms, while the GPU Team will provide the GPU optimizations for the algos, HW & Control team will provide the HW product design, Application Design, test, calibration infrastructure design, manufacture, integration, Robot kinematics & motion control and SW team with translate GPU optimized algos into SW blocks.

Each team will split the implementation among other teams and guide them through the implementation.

What do we seek ?

This role is shaped to be a strong confluence of Practice and Theory.

As a startup, we are neither blessed with boundless cash to say, “theory never matches practice, so let’s just jump into getting our hands dirty”, thereby lose money and material in blind experiments & endless tinkering / Jugaads without any concrete/viable results, nor are we blessed with boundless time to bury ourselves in tallying meaningless symbols in the name of math that cannot find its resemblance to reality.

Our pursuit is to Investigate the problem, translate it to theory, let the theory expose the unknowns, design experiments only for the unknowns to be known, thereby solving the problem. “Scientifically Informed, theoretically tallied and Investigatively experimented”

What will you do?

Your contribution is predominantly (but not confined only to) for

  • all mechanical and system design aspects of Product development (3D camera, Robotic Arm, Gripper, etc),
  • R&D Infrastructure design (calibration setups, inhouse training structures, etc),
  • Application Design and Application Research (Designing, Visualizing and Detailing them as 3D Models, depicting various possibilities of applying our product to solve real-world problems – eg: Imagine and detail how all a factory could transform into a Universal Factory capable of manufacturing multiple variety of products from Mobile phone to Car engine in the same line through adoption of this product as a universal platform, Another Simple eg: A universal robot platform for any bolting and screwing application, etc).

This would also require taking into cognizance and treating the following as part of the solution/system – the limitations and availability of “off-the-self” engineering tools, infrastructure, costs and man-effort needed.

How will you Do?

You have your freedom here but within the confinements of product focus and purpose, and you will be subjected to reviews.

The work delves deep into engineering principles and wouldn’t limit to tinkering with combination permutations copied blindly from the internet – unfortunately (Inspiration is absolutely fine but not blind copy – the difference is so subtle between the two that we often mistake one for the other and end-up copying rather than to be inspired. Worst part, we dont even realize that we are copying. Therefore, we strongly refrain from unfounded combination permutation, uncritical acceptance of published papers/journals and credulity towards googled make-shift hacks/Jugaads. All of the above, conceal our assumptions and decieve us to be convinced with an experiement/ jugaad as a product. This further results in force-fitted solutions which often breaks even before it hits the market, resulting in redoing everything from scratch – which cometimes kills a company – the modern term for it is “Pivoting”). Most of the problems that we face, necessitates solving from fundamentals and often doesn’t contain a ready-made answer.

The work will touch almost every engineering domain and would demand for in-depth mathematical designs, heavy classical physics, kinematics, material property, strong geometry thinking, UX and manufacturability design understanding.

Every HW, HW control & HW infrastructure part of the product significantly evolves as per your thought process and will hence forth carry your signature in it.

What to expect the work to be like?

Expect your work to be entirely entrepreneurial like you run a startup of your own.

What does it mean? – Unlike in established organizations, the turbulence of the management and even isolated teams will directly impact what you are working on. Sometimes on a daily basis, even leading to a change of the entire requirement.

Since, this is a startup and the product is not yet well-defined, you would be the one with the responsibility of defining it. Expect things to be not orderly and requirements to be changing and evolving rapidly beckoning for a heavy modular and scalable design thinking resulting in ease of upgradability, serviceability and replaceability.

How will your Career Progress?

The company is at its early phase. Therefore, it offers a great amount of freedom to shape your career progress. Fortunately, the product covers almost every domain of engineering (except civil). So the freedom to shape the career is not limited only to the current domain of expertise.

While keeping that in mind, the deliberate role growth (outside of management) that we see is for the current role to bifurcate into System/Product Design or into Application Design for customers with plausible further products arising out of it.

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