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The Need for Universal Factories – Building a Resilient World Post COVID-19

Robots and industrial automation enable disproportionate GDP gains, but are they resilient to disruptions and changing demands?

Hyper-automated Manufacturing - The New-age Rope Walk For Manufacturing

With the change in global supply chains, India has a big door open to monetise from, especially given the US-China trade war.

How Focusing On Industrial Robots Can Boost Indian Robotic Startups And Make For The World

The Indian robotic startup ecosystem can be as successful as Indian SaaS and capture a global market share.

The Robot With Human-like Vision

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Digitalisation of Indian manufacturing

Indian manufacturing gaining competitive edge adopting digitalisation. Entrepreneurial mindset in the manufacturing industry and country’s technology skill-sets are driving digitalisation in Indian manufacturing,

Automation can build industry’s immunity against Covid-19

India’s manufacturing is struggling to breathe during the second wave of the Covid-19 virus. Before the pandemic, the sector was estimated to contribute 25 per cent to the country’s GDP by 2025.

Industrial Automation Post-COVID: Flexible is in, hyper-specialized is out

How do we rapidly make and administer two doses each of new vaccines to 137 crore people? This is the huge challenge that India faces and we are witnessing history in the making with our incredible country-wide vaccine drive.

Factories of the future: Why is hyper-automation still a dream?

While robots have been deployed in the manufacturing process to automate low-skilled, repetitive manual tasks, to endow them with even a semblance of human ability to understand and manipulate objects is still a distant prospect.

COVID-19: Accelerating the use of industrial automation and robotics

While the pandemic has exacted a huge toll, yet it presents us with a unique opportunity to invest in robotics to bring in increased automation and also protect workers against the scourge.

[Funding alert] Robotics deep tech startup CynLr raises Rs 5.5 Cr from Speciale Invest, Arali Ventures, others

Bengaluru-based CynLr, which is building visual object intelligence for industrial robots, has raised seed funding of Rs 5.5 crore. The deep tech startup will use the funds for product research and development, and to drive adoption.

[Tech30] Robotics startup Vyuti Systems generates Rs 1.3 Cr in business with zero investment

Bengaluru-based robotics startup Vyuti Systems has built a credible reputation with marquee clients and now plans to build newer and innovative products in robotics automation.

Robotics needs superior intelligence, vision & software to lower its deploying complexity dramatically

What was the reason behind starting CynLr? What problems of the manufacturing industry does it solve? What is some emerging integration of automation technologies in AI in the robotics segment?


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Cue-less Robots, Clue-less Automation

Within a week of unveiling the much touted Model 3, Tesla Inc. received reservations of over 325,000 cars at an estimated worth of US$14 Billion.

Hardware Hurdles - Our search for productivity amidst lock-downs

We have read quite a lot by now on how the Coronavirus has opened the world’s eyes on the unparalleled benefits of work from home - the productivity gains it enables while allowing us to spend more quality time with loved ones.

5 years on our own. Relatively still unknown. Not quite the rolling stone!

It’s been 5 years since my partner Gokul and I left our jobs at National Instruments and set out on our own. We’ve had an exhilarating journey so far, a roller coaster of ups and downs but unflinching in our pursuit towards our original vision.